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  • Dr Benjamin TATETE

November 2019 - TVC Medical - International Cooperation

In terms of health and employment policy, TVC Medical sets itself the following overall objectives:

- To advance the training of the local medical and nursing professionals by exposing them to the rigorous practice of care in the various surgical, medical, paramedical and nursing disciplines that are theirs.

- To contribute to the expertise of local care staff by putting them in contact with specialized practitioners who possess the techniques and know-how of a leading-edge medicine to effectively treat the advanced stages of diseases encountered in Africa.

On the occasion of the 8th Congress of AFMED, TVC MEDICAL welcomes several specialists from Europe:

- Dr. Isabelle Vanden Berghe, Anesthetist at Groupe Jolimont

- Dr. Isabelle Andrianne, Anesthesia and Resuscitation Specialist at Chirec

- Dr. Georgios Katsanos, Transplant Surgeon at ULB Erasmus

- Dr. Jean-Philippe De Wilde, Specialist in Vascular Pathology at ULB Erasmus

- Dr. Michel Dikete, Specialist in Gynecology-Obstetrics at ULB Erasmus

During their stay, these specialists organized seminars at TVC Medical for particularly fruitful professional exchanges. Some of them also participated in a major surgical procedure documented here. May they be thanked.

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