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The external expertise

TVC Medical intends to contribute concretely, in the field, to the long-term improvement of health care in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This objective can be achieved, among others, as follows:

- Ensure wide dissemination of health care to the patient, including sensitization, prevention and training sessions.

- Enable the local medical profession to evolve through the knowledge and exchange of skills with renowned practitioners who introduce them to the practice of new techniques.


That's why, as part of the development of our various hospital activities, we invite external experts of international stature to support us in this process. Practicing different surgical specialties, medical and nursing care, these experts complement the action of our own services in various ways:

- They provide their treatments in our infrastructures. In this way, they contribute to optimize their operation, using state-of-the-art methods and techniques in their respective fields.

- They provide on-site training and allow our staff to evolve in their profession by becoming familiar with new practices.

- They organize, with the help of TVC Medical, public information sessions, open to all. These information sessions are posted on our blog and on our Facebook account.


Because of the added value they bring to TVC Medical, we want to express our appreciation for the selfless approach that honours them.

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