The partnerships

In terms of public health, patient care must be adapted to the needs of the person in terms of health education, prevention, diagnosis, medical care and nursing.


Our organization embraces this perspective, relying on a network of competent partners. The patient benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach, meaning our partners are trained in the different pre- and post-operative aspects of vascular surgery and phlebology.


We are therefore honored to surround ourselves with the following organizations:

NGALIEMA Medical Center
Community-based health care services
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Une Infirmière Chez Vous
Reference in nursing, specializing in ambulatory and home care
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Medical institution for general and emergency health care
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Our organization requires an infrastructure and means adapted to the care, to the surgical intervention proper, to the post-operative follow-up, etc. of its patients. Generous donors support us in this process by providing logistical expertise and professional equipment.

We are therefore honored to be able to count on the disinterested generosity of the following organizations:

Hôpital Sans Frontière
To renovate and equip the most destitute care centers in the world
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