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TVC Medical practices the concept of "continuing education" vis-à-vis its medical and nursing environment. Scientific days are regularly organized several times a year. It should be noted that these sessions are also available on request to all those who show interest.

These presentations aim:

    To enable local and international experts to present themes related to advances in their respective spheres of competence: progress in scientific knowledge, implementation of techniques and development of related know-how in hospitals.

    Conversely, to allow the actors in the field to express the difficulties encountered and learn from them in order to improve the service to the patient.

    Lastly, to institutionalize in a lasting way, beyond the borders, a collegial exchange which is prolonged very often by opinions and advices relative to the situations met.

Some examples

March 2019 – Endouveinous cardiology, Pain treatment, Tooth decay, Wound care, Chronic venous insufficiency

- Présentation de la formation

- Remise des certificats

- Sur YouTube

August 2018 – Vacuum assisted closure, Advanced wound care.

- La formation au TPN

- La formation au soin des plaies d'ulcère

July 2018 – Veinous insufficiency

- Présentation de la formation

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