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A hospital organization such as TVC Medical is a complex entity. It needs resources and expertise to ensure optimal functioning:


- Our “team” page presents the personnel that tirelessly serve the patient in the various surgical, medical, administrative and logistic departments of the hospital.


- Our “publications” page presents the scientific contributions by some members of our staff. These publications are based on the experience acquired in the field at TVC Medical


- Our "networking" page presents eminent colleagues who advise us in our approach. Not only do they provide treatment using state-of-the-art techniques in their respective fields, but they also contribute to the knowledge of local staff to evolve in their profession for the benefit of the Congolese population.


- Our "partnership " page presents the local organizations with whom we are in contact.


- Our "training" page presents TVC Medical's approach as part of the ongoing training of its medical and nursing staff.

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