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Removal of a perineal tumor of 8 kg

In a surge of generosity and solidarity relayed by social networks, the "Foundation Tatete Vein Center ASBL"committed itself to free provision its infrastructure and staff to operate a patient suffering for nearly 10 years from an external perineal tumor of 8,8 kg in the genital area.

The intervention, which lasted 5 hours, was carried out at the TVC Medical Avenue Kenge 77 Hospital in Kinshasa.

The operation was conducted by several experts who attended the 8th Congress of AFMED, the International Association of Alumni and Friends of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Kinshasa. Let's mention, among others:

• Dr. Jean-Robert Nzamushe, Specialist in General and Visceral Surgery at the University Hospital of Lille in France & Head of the Emergency Department

• Dr. Benjamin Tatete, Vascular Surgeon and Phlebologist & Specialist in Treatment of "MBASU" at TVC Medical

• Dr. Enrico Zinga, Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator at the Neder-Over-Heembeek Burn Center in Belgium

• Dr. Didier Ndjekembo Shango, Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator in Tournai, Belgium

• Dr. Laure Balaka, Urgentist in Kinshasa

• Dr. Nelson Ngangu, Physician at TVC Medical

• Dr. Clovis Mokoko, Physician at TVC Medical

• Mrs. Banuni Ruffine, Operation Room Nurse (France)

• Mrs. Violette Tatete, Nurse Specialist in Wound Care at Medical TVC

• Ms. Clarisse Mazono, Nurse at TVC Medical

The Center for Radiodiagnostics and Medical Imaging C.K.R. Dr. MATUSILA Sarlu in Kinshasa performed the CT scan of the patient free of charge.


The TVC Foundation is launching an SOS to collect financial aid to cover hospitalization and other expenses related to the care of the patient who should stay more than 2 months in the hospital.

Please contact Mrs Violette Tatete, CEO of TVC Medical at : +32486769454 or

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