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Rehabilitation of the Bolingo Hospital Center

TVC Medical and UneInfirmiereChezVous extend their action by relaunching the activity of the former Bolingo Hospital Center in the Ngiri-Ngiri Commune in Kinshasa. Objectives

After the restoration of the premises, and the installation of the necessary equipment for the different medical and nursing services, we are setting the two following objectives: - To offer quality care at affordable prices for the local population - To extend the reach of TVC Medical and UneInfirmiereChezVous as reference centers for medical and nursing care.


Our management team is simultaneously active in European medical and nursing hospital environments, as well as in ambulatory home care. Based on this experience, we will introduce good management practices in our center to ensure its sustainability.


We thank in advance anyone who is in a position to contribute to our project.


This video illustrates the state of the Bolingo Hospital Center in Kinshasa at the ime of our initial visit in July 2018.


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