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Union of Nurses in Kinshasa - Information Session

TVC Medical and UneInfirmiereChezVous tirelessly pursue training and information of care staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the video below, Dr. Benjamin Tatete (Vascular Surgeon and Phlebologist), Dr. Joseph Nganga (Medical Assistant in Surgery) and Clarisse Mazono (Nurse in Wound Care) visit a Nurses' Union in Kinshasa.

Here is the summary of their intervention:

- In the treatment of ulcers resulting from venous insufficiency, it is important to tackle the cause and not to limit oneself to the superficial (aesthetic) aspects of the wound.

- Examples of treated wounds of a hairdresser and an obese patient.

- To ensure complete healing of the wounds, one cannot overemphasize the complementarity between the medical team operating in a "One Day Clinic" and the nurses who treat the patient in the long term, including at home (ambulatory nursing).

- TVC Medical and UneInfirmiereChezVous offer local services - including to the disadvantaged - in the Democratic Republic of Congo, without the patient having to undertake expensive trips abroad.

- Use of powerful equipment, equivalent to that available in Europe, is being introduced in RD Congo.

- Explanations concerning the types of operation (local anesthesia, ultrasound, radiofrequency).

The participants


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