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Wound Care in DRC - Negative Pressure Therapy

TVC Medical and UneInfirmiereChezVous introduce Negative Pressure Treatment (NPT) of wounds in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Kinshasa alone, it is estimated that more than 100,000 inhabitants, in one way or another, require care of wounds resulting from vascular disorder or other. NPT complements the arsenal of measures already in place by the group of surgeons, doctors, nurses and other staff who bring their expertise to the benefit of the patient. The advantages of NPT are: - Anesthesia is not required - Duration of wound treatment is reduced - Healing is accelerated Even if the patient is hospitalized in another clinic, he / she can be admitted in our TVC Medical facilities for one week in order to benefit not only from the available material but also from the expertise of the staff. Our personnel is indeed trained in wound care, which is a specialized aspect of nursing care. As the company name suggests, UneInfirmiereChezVous also extend its action by following the patient at home. When possible, this practice improves the quality of life of the patient being treated. From a financial viewpoint, it contributes to a reduction in cost to the extent that heavy infrastructure equipment is not to be monopolized unnecessarily.

Video Testimonials by Dr. Benjamin Tatete (Vascular Surgeon and Phlebologist), Deborah Mbombo (Nurse) and Ms. Tabitha Buanga (Patient).

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