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Hospital Without Borders

HWB Hospital Without Borders - HSF Hôpital Sans Frontière is an NGO of the Belux Rotary Club. It was founded in 1992. It is recognized by the international authorities (Red Cross Int., United Nations, European Union, etc.) as well as by the King Baudouin Foundation. HWB Hospital Without Borders - HSF Hôpital Sans Frontière pursues the following objectives: - over the long term: to rehabilitate and to equip deprived health centers and hospitals around the world, especially in Africa, Asia as well as Central and South America. - in an emergency situation: to intervene in disaster areas, such as those suffering of the aftermath of tsunamis or earthquakes. Gift We are deeply grateful to HWB - HSF for having recently benefited from a donation of medical and hospital equipment and consumables. Hereafter, some photos taken whilst receiving the shipment on our premises.


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