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Interventional cardiology - Dr Foading Deffo Bertin

Dr Foading Deffo Bertin is a Doctor of Medicine and Childbirth Surgery and holder of the Diploma of Specialized Studies (DES) in Cardiology (UCL).

He is Head of the Cardiology Department of the Clinique Saint-Jean, Brussels.

He practices interventional cardiology consisting of performing operating procedures on cavities, valves and cardiac vessels without the need for open heart bypass surgery. This technique is also intended for the endovascular treatment of arteries and veins of the whole human body (for example lower limbs in arteritis.)

At the Afmed VIII Congress, Dr Foading Deffo Bertin elaborated on the theme of "Coronary disease in sub-Saharan Africa". TVC Medical benefited from his expertise during visits to our Hospital Center.

He is :

- Member of the Belgian Society of Cardiology (BSC)

- Member of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

- Member of the Belgian interdisciplinary working group on acute cardiology (BIWAC)

- Member of the Belgian working group on interventional cardiology (BWGIC)

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