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Extravasation - Vacuum Assisted Closure

This is the case of a 13-day-old baby presenting an iatrogenic necrotic wound of the dorsal aspect of the wrist, linked to drug extravasation (*) in the neonatal phase.

The TVC Medical team proceeded in two phases:

- a small initial surgical procedure by debridement,

- a post-operative protocol based on negative pressure treatment (Vacuum Assisted Closure), a technique applied in wound care and of which TVC Medical has made a specialty.

As a reminder, Dr. Benjamin TATETE and his wife Violette TATETE (Nurse specializing in wound care) initially introduced the 'Vacuum Assisted Closure' technique in Kinshasa for the treatment of ulcerative lesions associated with venous insufficiency (MBASU).

Here we see this same technique applied to another case. The evolution of the wound obtained over a 30, 25 and 20 day period of care is as follows:

The initial operation followed by the VAC(c) therapy

(*) In this case, extravasation was the result of an inappropriate or unintentional injection of drugs into the perivascular or subcutaneous spaces rather than into the target vascular compartment.

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