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Algology Anesthesia - Dr Isabelle Andrianne

Dr Isabelle Andrianne is Anesthesiologist Algologist.

The algologist is a doctor who specializes in treating pain. This approach makes it possible, in a specialized manner and in dedicated consultation, to understand the type of pain from which the patient suffers and to deliver treatment adapted to the different cases encountered.

As such, Dr Andrianne operates at the Pain Clinic at the Chirec Center in Brussels.

Dr. Andrianne also practices hypnosis:

• In therapy, hypnosis can effectively treat anxiety, addictions, stress, post-traumatic stress, sexual disorders.

• In surgery, this technique is used in operating theaters, in the maternity ward and in the service of burn victims.

During her trip to DR Congo, in addition to a scientific contribution to the Afmed VIII Congress, Dr Andrianne, through his advice in his specialty, contributed to the progress of the Center Hospitalier TVC Medical in Kinshasa. Let her be thanked.

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